Glass Blowing Art – What Do You Think?

Is Glass Blowing Art For You?

The Art of hand blown glass is one type of art that is admired by many people. This art form may be considered to be dangerous but if the artist takes the right precautions it is really quite safe.

If you have been thinking about trying glass blowing then it is somthing that you should at least try.  The great think about this is that you can create all sorts of unique items that can not be perfectly duplicated, not matter how good you become at this craft.  The glass, the heat, the elements that compose of blown glass object have slightly different properties every time you make something, as a result, the creations can differ in terms of shape, color, and clarity.

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Glassblowing – An Art To Consider

Things You Should Know About Blowing Glass

There is quite a bit of misleading information out there about glassblowing and hand blown glass art. If you’ve ever thought about blowing glass as a hobby and were scared away because you thought it was too dangerous, then think again. Yes, there is some danger in the art of glass blowing when you first look at it – the idea of picking up molten glass with a rod an twirling it around could be considered very unsafe to some.  However, with the proper training and care the art of blown glass can be very safe and there is no reason you can’t blown glass when you are well up in age.  The real consideration here is really basic safety and care in handling the equipment so don’t let that deter you if you are considering going this for a hobby or a living for that matter.  

When you are working with the molten glass, you will be exposed to some heat and therefore you should work in an area that is well ventilated and you should wear protective clothing.  The accidents that do occur in glass blowing are generally caused by carelessness or by working in an area that is not properly ventilated.  Basically you need to take the same type of precautionary measures as you would when you are working with electric work working tools such as band saws and the like.  If you working carefully and understand what you are doing then the process can be quite safe. 

Probably the key point in this if you are going to take on glass blowing is to get proper training from someone who is qualified to teach the art of glass blowing.  If you are going to construct an area to blow glass around your home, then you need to investigate and adhere to the local safety regulations with regard to constructing and operating a glass blowing kiln.  

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