I want to know how to tell if a glass egg I bought at a yard sale is a real fenton art pedistal egg?

This egg is glass with hand painted by: mike lemon written on the back. It also has a sticker on the back that says Fenton 1989. It is made with a pedestal attached also made of glass. Its white iridescent
with pink and purple tulips painted on one side. I would like to know its value also. I got it at a yard sale for .25 cents. I have already tried looking on Fenton art glass website, but I could not find any thing listed with that date. I don’t know any other way of looking it up on the web.

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Collaboration Murano Glass Art

Take a look at this glass. It really has amazing colors.

The art of Murano Glass by the Master Pino Signoretto in a great collaboration with the american artist Richard Birt (www.venicevideoart.com)

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How to Make Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas : How to Twist Colors for a Candy Cane Glass Blown Christmas Ornament

Ever wonder how to make candy cane ornaments with blown glass. This is a good demonstration about mixing colors with glass blowing.

Learn about twisting colors for a candy cane ornament when making hand-blown glass ornaments for Christmas in this free holiday video.

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Where can I buy original glass art by Tennessee artist?

I am making a beautiful and unique mobile for my baby. The theme is based on original and unique works of glass art (blown, stained, etc.) from each state that I’ve been to while pregnant with my baby girl. I’ve found a couple stores in the West End that sell the kind of pieces I am looking for, however those pieces were not made in Tennessee or by Tennessean artists. I appreciate any help with artist names, sites, stores, etc.

Other states I’ve been to while pregnant:


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How to Make Mosaic Glass Art : Using Clear Glass to Create Mosaics

If you are interested in making mosaics then this is a very helpful video.

When creating a mosaic using clear glass, it’s best to use backing so that the glue and base surface won’t be visible through the glass. Learn more about using backing and clear glass in this free mosaic glass art instructional video. Expert: Gale Gassiot Bio: Gale Gassiot makes her own organic compost or “gardener’s black gold.”

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Glassblowing Hand Blown Stem Ware Wine Glass

In this video you can see how blown glass is placed in a mold to shape the glass. This way you can get consistency in the glass which is especially needed when you are making a match set of glasses. This process is used in a production environment and not just a one-off process for hand blown glass art.

www.skeelsglass.com www.keithorrblowpipes.com

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