Where can you find clear glass ornaments to decorate?

I looked on craft-store websites and can’t find them yet…
can someone post the link to where it is on the website…I need to do a price check

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Thomas Long Glass Blowing Vase

Creative Studios master glass blower Thomas Long creates one of his signature water series pieces in the old studio in downtown St. Augustine.

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Blown Glass Vase by Todd Cameron

It;s always fun ti watch someone make a hand blown vase — Todd Cameron is no exception.

Hand-blown glass by Todd Cameron. Drawn Vase Series.

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How to Make Art Out of Stained Glass : How to Solder Your Stained-Glass Art Safety

Amanda Claire continues her videos on stained glass art by showing you how to safely solder stained glass.

Soldering requires precision, especially when you’re working with glass. Learn more about working with stained glass in this free video series. Expert: Amanda Claire Bio: Amanda Claire is a lifelong artist, currently living in Austin, Texas, who specializes in all realms of unique crafts. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

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Fremont Glass Demo – Antique stain glass windows – Blown glass

Ever wondered how they made those stained glass windows centuries ago? Watch this demo by Fremont Glass and you’ll see how it’s done.

Fremont Antique Glass and Studio One Glass Art are featured here. There are but a few skilled craftsman like these guys who still create beautiful stain glass windows. From the “Gather” to the picture window, take a look at the process it requires just to produce the one-off sheets of glass.

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