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Roses & Sea Monsters ~ Hand Blown Glass Marble by Rae Grout

Nice marble piece of hand blown glass.

Take a look at this glass handcrafted by Rae Grout

Take a few minutes out of your busy day to relax and check out the video. This marble is part of my “Treasures from the Sea of Bitterrooty” series. I made th…

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Glass Fusing: How to Use Fuse Art Decals in the Microwave Kiln

This is how to add decals to glass art – right in the microwave using a microwave kiln. How easy is that?

A microwave kiln can be used to add decals to glass.

Learn how to apply a permanent fusible decal to your fused glass art. Fuse Art Decals will work in any fused glass project, but are especially good on glass.

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Venice Spells – Jewels made out of genuine hand blown Venice glass

Glass from Murano as jewels

Venice Spells : Exclusive Rings,Earrings and Necklaces Available at : Genuine Hand-Blown Venice (Murano) Glass and Hand-Made Rhodium Plated Pure 925 Silver Settings. Each Masterpiece is Unique and comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist. 100% Hand-Made in Italy.

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Artist-in-Residence: Joanna Manousis

Joanna Manousis holds an MFA in Sculpture from Alfred University, NY, and a BFA in Glass from The University of Wolverhampton, England. She has worked, studied, and taught in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and has received a number of scholarships and awards for her blown and kiln-cast sculpture. These include a Bombay Sapphire nomination, the Frabel award for “Best Artist,” and a finalist entry in “E-Merge,” 2010. Currently, Manousis resides in the United States, and is teaching as an adjunct for a year at Alfred University. Manousis’ work captures and animates transitional moments, revealing a world in which objects, being, and places are interconnected and in flux. She uses glass to induce reflection—both physically and metaphorically. In her October 2012 Residency at The Studio, Manousis is interested in working on a new body of work that alludes to both nature and to man-made artifice, creating a series of blown molded forms in clear glass that have thin layers of pâte de verre strategically inlaid into the blown surfaces.

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Glass Demo – How to make a Glass Tank for eCigs by GardunoGlass

I was asked to make a video to show how I blow glass and how I actually make these tanks for the eCigs or electronic cigarettes. This demo shows a clear glass tank being made out of 1″ borosilicate glass tubing. A cobalt blue tribal pattern is added to the front and then fire cut off the remainder of the tube to make a 5ml Designer Series glass tank available at gardunoglass’s Webcam Video from April 18, 2012 02:58 PM

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“Musings” with sculptor Adrian Gregori Green – 3D Glass Art

Visionary sculptor, Adrian Gregori Green shares thoughts with fellow artisan/shaman, Rev. Wendi Morrison-Merritt, on the Universal Consciousness, Mayan 2012 energy vortex and the evolution of humanities cognition as reflected in his 3D Glass Art Installation. See more at

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