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Where can you find clear glass ornaments to decorate?

I looked on craft-store websites and can’t find them yet…
can someone post the link to where it is on the website…I need to do a price check

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Best way to get powder mold off of vintage glass ornaments?

I found some really neat oldies in an estate. But they were stored in a shed and have powder mold on them, from this damp OR Coast climate. Any ideas how to safely remove this from the glass ornies? These are old German thin glass ornaments. Maybe there’s no helping them? Any ideas?

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How do I restore vintage glass ornaments?

I recently received my grandmother’s Christmas ornaments-from the 1940/50s. They are glass, with shiny metallic finishes, and a great deal of the finish is worn away, marked, or dull. Is there a way to fix that, or a special kind of paint I could use to brighten them up?
Also, they aren’t valuable or particularly collectable, just of sentimental value.

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Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

A Brief History of Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

Glass Christmas tree ornaments have become a favorite part of our Christmas traditions. We love to decorate our Christmas trees with plenty of glittering glass decorations. A tree covered in glass ornaments, with lots of brightly colored packages beneath, is a beautiful and heartwarming site to see.

The first glass Christmas tree ornaments were made in Germany, beginning in the mid 1800’s. Each ornament was hand made. German glass Christmas tree ornaments are still being produced today. The glass is mouth blown, then put into a mold shaped as a holiday figure, much the same as it has been for more than a century.  This type of hand blown glass makes terrific ornaments that are really one of a kind as they can not be reproduced in exact duplicate each time.

glass christmas ornament

German glass Christmas ornaments come in all shapes and sizes. The Germans have been producing them for well over a century. They are still hand made and are shaped into Santa and Rudolph figures, snowmen, angels, churches, sparkling balls, bells and even the famous German Christmas Pickle. There are many more glass ornaments including decorated trees, snow scenes and ice skaters.

Glass Christmas tree ornaments will last for many years and are often handed down for generations as family heirlooms. Since glass ornaments are rather fragile, a little care should be taken when storing them. Given the proper care, you can decorate your Christmas tree with glass ornaments from years past, as well as adding to your Christmas ornament collection each year.

Wrap each glass ornament in acid free tissue paper before placing it in a box for storage. As an added precaution, don’t stack glass ornaments too deep. If some care is taken, you and your family can enjoy your precious ornaments for years to come. If your glass ornaments were hand made in Germany, you certainly have a keepsake to treasure.

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Visit the German Christmas Ornaments website for more information on Glass C 1000 hristmas Ornaments

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